Ammonia Refrigeration Technician Needed

Immediate opening for an AMMONIA REFRIGERATION TECHNICIAN at the Omaha, Nebraska location of Quality Refrigerated Services. This position’s primary responsibilities are to direct the refrigeration system operation, safety, cost reduction and performance maximization. The successful candidate has a minimum of 2 years of experience operating an ammonia refrigeration system, familiarity with PSM, OSHA and EPA requirements, excellent verbal and written communication skills and broad based general maintenance knowledge to include electric forklift repair and preventive maintenance, electrical motor and controls, general building maintenance and repair skills. Pre-employment testing and references may be required. Quality Refrigerated Services offers competitive wages and a rich benefit package. Please send your resume and cover letter to


Job Posting

Quality Processing Services a growing, small, family owned USDA Inspected meat processing business in South Omaha is currently seeking a highly motivated and experienced meat cutter and/or meat processing room worker. We are looking for someone who: Comfortable working at fast pace, in a cold meat cutting area, has good sanitation habits and a can-do positive attitude. We need a self-starter, who can do whatever is asked of them, comfortable working independently or with team as needed and maintains constant awareness of food safety and physical safety issues. Please apply in person at 3301 G street Omaha NE 68107 or email resume to

Home Safety Tip

Check your home for tip-over dangers. Heavy TV on top of a dresser or an unsecured stand? A toddler could tip it over on top of themselves. Cabinets, shelving, ladders all become potentially dangerous for young(and old) if not secured or properly installed. Once a month walk through your home and garage and think about how safe it would be if you were trying to exit during a fire or other emergency. Even if you do not have small children do you ever have guests that do? The effort will be minimal but the results of these walk throughs could be life saving! Do not live in fear, but do not be careless either.


Safety     It is important to us all.  We balance our freedom and our need to feel like we are living with the need to protect ourselves and others so we can be free and feel alive another day.  Do we do too much in the way of safety?  Is the NFL out of line for suspending players for hits to the head with the helmet?  How ironic was last nights telecast, teasing us with what the NFL might do, and then showing us an example of a tough hard nosed coach – who use to do the same thing week in and week out – and was both prasied and feared for it.  Who enjoys wearing a safety belt or a helmet?  Who enjoys safety training and restraints, rules and regulations?  I don’t think anyone enjoys them.  Yet we must find a balance in our lives, or risk a loss of freedom, as we are injured or cause others injury.  Parents must constantly decide how much to let their children experience and what a reasonable risk is.  Employers know that they must keep employees and the public at large safe.  If not from common sense and decency, as an economic principle, injuries cost money.

What risks will you take today or allow others to take?

Can you find freedom and life with a minimum of risk?  Is there a path that includes both?  When we are young we don’t always know what to fear.  When we grow we feel that we can not be hurt.  When we get old we are not sure it matters anymore.

Enjoy all of life and allow others the same freedom.  Stay safe.